pitfalls to avoid

Strategic alliances, joint ventures, collaborations . . . whatever you want to call them . . . are very delicate creatures.  Like other relationships, your “intended” wants to feel special, wants to be comforted in the knowledge that there is a meaningful reason your two companies have come together.  You don’t want to find out […]


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Don’t get sloppy: Handle transactions properly to preserve your personal ties. You’re ready to launch your new business. Your credit cards are tapped out, you rent your apartment (making you ineligible for a home equity line of credit), your personal credit’s less than stellar and your bank is not interested in lending you money for […]


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You’ve either had them or have worked with them: the employees from hell. They tend to do very little productive work and spend their time making a nuisance of themselves. And they know just enough about the law to “play the game.” They have you boxed into a corner so that you can’t fire them […]


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Despite the popular myth, cyberspace isn’t the Wild West. Know the rules and protect yourself. You have a brilliant idea at 3 a.m on a Saturday. You turn on the computer, access the internet and register your domain name. Over the next 24 hours, you set up a PayPal account, get a template website, slap up […]


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In light of our just-celebrated Labor Day, I thought I’€™d share a little something about the dangerous games that small business owners play when, in essence, they hire employees and pay them as independent contractors. From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, 1594: What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name […]


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The official start of summer will soon arrive, and with it, millions of high school and college-age students available to help out in your business. Your eyes sparkle with the thought of getting staffing help at reasonable rates (read: cheap labor), which can give your business the boost that it needs.Good, cost-efficient idea, right? Not […]


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From my dear colleague, Jennifer Schiff, comes this intriguing article on “Why now is the time to optimize and freshen up your website.” It’s tempting to want to throw money at SEO specialists.  While I “get” the optimization thing, I have my niggling doubts as to whether the hordes who say they know the secrets […]


In all my years dealing with contract disputes, I found that “not getting what they expected” is one of the top three reasons clients don’t pay. But, like Freud asked about women, “What do clients want?” If you are a freelancer or independent professional providing services (especially to other business owners), take heed. Managing expectations […]


This is a video on business partnerships (8 minutes long) from a short speech I gave last year on “Profitable Business Partnerships.”  Starring me . . . and my shadow(s) . . .  (don’t let the poor lighting distract you) the presentation points out that there are three main areas where you and your business […]


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From the BlawgIt blog of Iowa patent attorney Brent Trout comes this helpful post on the legal pitfalls of social networking. Many entrepreneurial bloggers use their blogs as an opportunity for product reviews. What’s not always known is that bloggers occasionally get paid for those product reviews. It make a difference, doesn’t it–knowing whether a […]