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Do-it-yourself legal sites drive me crazy. I came across a DIY legal site called Negonation this week (yeah, OK, it’s in Brazil, but the principle is the same. It touts a “get-your-contract-off-this-site-and-avoid-legal-fees” service. It claims that “its contracts are legally enforceable in the offline world, even if the parties are in different countries. That’s quite […]


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“I have the domain name. Doesn’t that count toward a trademark?” “I did a search online and no one has the name. Why can’t I get a trademark?” As Nina Yablok’s article, “Trademarks and Google,” touches on, Google isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to filing trademarks. That’s why, even in this high-tech, […]

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From the department of “what part of ‘don’t contact me’ do you not understand?” comes a recent New York case, People v. Fernino [2008 WL 382348 (N.Y.City Crim.Ct. February 13, 2008), for those of you who want the citation]. Thanks to Evan Brown and his Internet Cases blog for pointing it out. Here’s the history: […]