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By developing an electronic communications policy, you could keep your business out of trouble. Do your employees use e-mail for company correspondence? Do your business partners conduct research on the internet? Does your company regularly back up and store the contents of its company computers? If so, your business is ripe for an electronic media […]


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A recent survey by online payroll service SurePayroll reveals that more than 80 percent of small business owners believe e-mail is a key element in the success of their business. But email can also cause legal problems for entrepreneurs . . . something not highlighted in the survey. Email is not reliable. In a very […]


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Because “one size does not fit all.” And because “you get what you pay for.” In “a whopper of a sexual harrassment claim” (thanks to blog author Jon Hyman for the turn of phrase I couldn’t resist), the case of EEOC v. V & J Foods, Inc., a Burger King franchise had an employee manual that […]


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Well, employees are people, too. And they may have some of your company equipment at home (laptop, cell phone, etc.).If they damage the equipment, do they have to pay for it? Can you dock their paycheck? The answer, generally, is no. Many states prohibit companies from making deductions from an employee’s paycheck, other than those required […]


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As if there weren’t enough issues to put into our employee manuals, the internet and Web 2.0 have made them proliferate.Each time there’s a new technology, lawyers have to evaluate: “Is it covered under our current policies?” And, not being the one to say “sure!”–and be wrong –voila! A new policy is born. The latest […]


If you collect customer data, you have to comply with a growing batch of laws addressing privacy and security. What information do you collect from your clients and customers? Full names? Social Security numbers? Driver’s license numbers? Credit card numbers? IP addresses? Birthdays? Congratulations–your business is now subject to the new and growing batch of […]

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With more and more people (especially Gen Yers and Millenials) posting their personal information on the internet, it seems a handy place for employers to go to scoop up background information on prospective hires. After all, by publishing this information on their blogs, Facebook pages and MySpace profiles, the potential employees can hardly claim that […]


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I just returned from Miami Beach, where I spoke on the subject of “Social Media for Corporate Executives” with fellow (sister?) Entrepreneur blogger Lena West. [Check out her Tech Forward blog if you haven’t already.] Blogging is fun, blogging is new, blogging is strategic, and blogging raises hairs on the backs of the necks of […]