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Is the rise of Web 2.0 the beginning of the end for personal privacy? While only time will tell, there are plenty of pundits crying “the sky is falling!” …and perhaps with good reason. Never before has it been so easy to circulate private information. Never before have the intimate details of so many people’s […]


The United States Supreme Court ruled recently that as long as an employer has a legitimate work-related purpose, and the search is reasonable in scope, then employers can review their employees’ text messages when those messages are sent or received on an employer-provided device. Attorney Bradley Gross, Esq., parses through the decision and what it […]


It’s tempting to think that firewalls are the only security protection your computer data needs. But increasingly, data gets into the wrong hands for more prosaic reasons. It’s not the lone hacker, toiling away through lines of code in a basement, or the foreign virus that gets uploaded through an attachment–although vigilance is needed there, […]


If you collect customer data, you have to comply with a growing batch of laws addressing privacy and security. What information do you collect from your clients and customers? Full names? Social Security numbers? Driver’s license numbers? Credit card numbers? IP addresses? Birthdays? Congratulations–your business is now subject to the new and growing batch of […]

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With the ease of internet communication comes the ease of creating a mountain of problems. Identity theft, data hacking and misuse, and lack of security top the list. If your company holds onto any personally identifiable information, you should consider developing policies for dealing with it. They don’t have to be complicated. This about the […]


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You may not know it by name, but you’ve probably experienced it before. You order a book from a website such as and then get a little popup ad. Or you’re redirected to a page that says, “Nina, if you liked Where the Wild Things Are, you might also like these others books/CDs, etc. . […]