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Here’s eye-opening information from a recent press release: <<A recent survey conducted by BizBuySell, the largest online business-for-sale marketplace, found that nearly 75% of business owners doubted the effectiveness of hiring consultants to improve business reputation, preferring instead to do their own marketing without external assistance.Of the survey sample, 68% of respondents said they had […]


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Wells Fargo just released the latest in its series of webcasts for small business owners.  Titled “Cost Saving Real Estate Strategies for Your Business,” it features moi, in a scintillating, not-to-be-missed discussion of how tenants can reduce their lease expenses.  I’m joined by co-panelists Brad Blackwell and Jagdeep Dayal of Wells Fargo, Emily Fu of […]


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The hidden costs of a commercial lease might be more than you can afford to pay. Like renting an apartment, an office lease gives your company the comfort of a place it can call home. But home can turn into a white elephant pretty quickly when business takes a turn–for better or worse. It’s harder […]

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In tough economic times, it’s tempting to look at payroll and ask, “Who can we cut?” It’s like looking in the mirror, realizing that you’re overweight and immediately choosing liposuction as a fat-reduction measure. There are alternatives to drastically cutting your work force–especially as these are the very people you will need to rebound when […]


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You know . . . and I know . . . that faster is not always better, no matter how much the car companies try to push the “0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds” pitch. Think food, sex, rest, travel. You don’t necessarily want to rush these experiences. Quick, split-second decisions are not the best […]

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Arm yourself with the facts, and get those fixed costs under control. For many small businesses, rent is the single largest expense (outside of payroll) they face on a regular basis. So, when times are tight, it’s no surprise that business owners consider rent reduction as a way to reduce their operating costs. Like other […]