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Threats to our business can take many forms:natural disasters, like tropical storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, fire, or flood.There are outside threats, like terrorism . . . or a sagging economy.They are difficult enough to weather.More insidious are the threats that we invite into our business with open, and unsuspecting, arms. Employees, visitors, vendors, clients – we […]


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The “€œCase of the $65 Million Pants” got me thinking over the holiday about how small business owners can protect themselves against crazy lawsuits. Often, it’€™s not just (1) operating as a corporation or limited liability company to shield your personal assets, or (2) having the right contract provisions, or (3) knowing how to move a […]


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Lest my previous post be construed as just a plug to pay lawyer fees for no reason, here’s the primary reason that kind of corporate housekeeping is so important: You risk exposing your personal assets to creditors if you don’t do them. What? Wasn’t protecting your personal assets the whole point of forming an LLC […]


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Need I say more? Check out this article from my colleague, Anna Lieber, as seen in The New York Enterprise Report. All the more reason to have an employee manual to provide guidance on acceptable (and unacceptable) workplace behavior!


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This week, I received a frantic call from “Rosie,” who had been referred by a colleague of mine. She plunked down a huge chunk of change (well into the five figures) to buy a day spa from the current owner. The seller told her he wanted to get out of the business because he wanted […]

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Post image for Kick Start Your Success with a Business Entity

Why open yourself up to personal liability when you don’t need to?  Today’s query comes from someone wanting to know that fundamental first question: “What form of business should I be?” Q.:  I’m wondering what kind of company you would recommend for me to register under for a clothing company. I was thinking going Limited […]


It’s not just business partners that can be unscrupulous, as the article “9 Ways to Keep Hucksters, Schucksters, and Slimeballs at Arms Length When Starting Your Own Business” deftly points out.  There are creepy clients, promise-the-moon marketers, and flaky vendors who are out there, ready to infect the naive with their less-than-full-integrity way of conducting […]


Post image for New Exposure to Employee Retaliation?

It probably passed unnoticed by most people, but the Supreme Court handed down a decision recently that raised more than just a few eyebrows in the legal community. In the case of CBOCS West v. Humphries, a black manager at a Cracker Barrel restaurant filed suit under the Civil Rights Act of 1866 (now codified […]


Post image for When a Business Deal Seems Too Good to be True . . . .

. . . it probably is. Don’€™t you remember your mother telling you, “Don’t buy a pig in a poke?” when you wanted to plunk down large sums of money for a major purchase without perusing Consumer Reports? She wanted you to be sure that that stereo (or car or refrigerator) was good quality, long-lasting, […]


Post image for Basic Training: W is for When Did Drinking Games Go Online?

OK, so maybe my age is showing (it hasn’t been that many years since college, has it?), but I thought that drinking games were idiot party tricks made up on the spot by frat boys sitting around a keg of watered-down beer trying to get into the panties of the coeds. Apparently, it’s now a […]