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Entrepreneurial women are the best. They see a need; they have a passion; they want to make the world a better place; and they have a nary a pause for thought before bringing their dream to fruition. But here’s a situation where a couple of deep breaths might be in order. “Jane” and “Amina” own […]


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Got 10 minutes? For anyone starting and running a business, making sure that clients pay you on a timely basis is a huge consideration.  Check out this StartUp Nation podcast, “Training Your Clients to Pay You.” I’m interviewed by Rich Sloan, the co-founder and Chief Startupologist of StartUpNation.  The site also has a lot of […]


In his post, “Startup Founder Equity Splits,” Ryan Roberts touches on an age-old dilemma faced by many beginning entrepreneurs: “how much equity should I give to the other founders to provide me with money, contacts, or other benefits in getting my brainchild of the ground?” It’s a dilemma because many entrepreneurs want to control the […]


Make sure the name you want is available, then register and protect it. “What’s in a name?” Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet. “[A] rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Many entrepreneurs would disagree. Since Adam named the animals in the Garden of Eden, we have understood the power of “naming.” That’s […]


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What are the odds?  Is your business primed for success, financially? If you’d like to know (and “knowledge is good“), then check out StartUp Nation’s “Success Calculator.”  Perhaps the most important question is “timeframe.”  It gets you to think about your real goals for your company and where you want to be in one to […]


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Hear ye, hear ye: All those who want to be spoon-fed, get out of the entrepreneurship business! I was asked, “what’s the most popular business nowadays?” as if following the popularity bandwagon is the magic bullet for $$$$$.  It ain’t. Some rules about starting a business: Know something about the business industry, or be able […]

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