Post image for Basic Training: Yams, Cranberries and Turkey–Oh My!

The only training going on today is the training for my stomach to expand past all reasonable girth.  I’m staring down not one, but two holiday meals–the blessing (and curse) of having parents and in-laws in close proximity. Close, but not close enough for the families to come together for one meal . . . and […]


“What are you grateful for?” I ask that question in my pre-Thanksgiving issue of All Systems Go! I said: I’m grateful to all of YOU who read All Systems Go! and reach out to share your thoughts and ideas. Grateful to family and friends for all their support (especially my husband, Joe) in helping me ROCK my […]


Well, are you? Years ago, when I worked for other law firms, I would routinely come into work on Thanksgiving Friday. I actually enjoyed being in the office Thanksgiving Friday.  There was a quiet hush that fell over the desks. You could really focus and bang out the work. The phones rarely rang. No one […]

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