Join me on September 22nd as I share my thoughts, lessons, and humor on business partnerships with the Twitterverse!  Yes, it’s a brave new world I’m entering, thanks to Melinda Emerson, The Small Biz Lady, and her #smallbizchat show.  Every Wednesday, she hosts a weekly Twitter chat – focusing on everything that small business owners need […]


Post image for Basic Training: Will Cybersquatting Apply to Twitter Names?

Courts have already come down hard on people who snap up domain names that belong to well-known corporations, and then try to ransom them back for large sums of money.  Does that apply to Twitter names as well? Q: Does cybersquatting also apply to sites such as and ? A: Not just cyberquatting, […]

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Post image for Score 1 for The Good Guys–How StartUp Nation Fought Back

Here’s an encouraging story about how someone fought back against a Twitter-jacker–and won!  StartUp Nation founder Rich Sloan outlines how he found out that someone had co-opted StartUp Nation’s identity on Twitter and the steps he took to resolve the situation . . . and without incurring huge legal fees.  Read through the comments, too, […]


As an entrepreneur, you learn quickly that you can’t know it all–and that you need resources for your small business development.  Where can you find them?  Well, amid the noise that can be Twitter, people are compiling lists of experts in various entrepreneurial subjects that can support your small business development. I was honored–and occasionally, […]