Web 2.0

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Is the rise of Web 2.0 the beginning of the end for personal privacy? While only time will tell, there are plenty of pundits crying “the sky is falling!” …and perhaps with good reason. Never before has it been so easy to circulate private information. Never before have the intimate details of so many people’s […]


Choosing the right business partner isn’t always easy.  But thanks to Jeff Cornwall’s The Entrepreneurial Mind blog, I learned of PartnerUp (based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota).  PartnerUp’s mission is to making history as the first online community focused on bringing entrepreneurially-spirited people together with a goal of building companies, careers, and relationships (SM).  It strikes […]


What is content marketing? The dry definition of content marketing is “the creation and sharing of content in order to engage current and potential consumer bases.” More importantly, content marketing recognizes that in this confusing world, people need information.  Information they can trust. And people like to do business with those they know, like, and […]


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In some ways, the Internet is the Wild West . . . and Web 2.0 is like the Wild West meets the Sci-Fi Channel — unpredictable, potentially dangerous, and often bizarre. If you’re involved in, or thinking about, doing business online at all, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a great resource. They’re even hosting a […]

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