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Do you have (or want) to do business with the federal government? Are you thinking of merging your company with another? If so, check out the new U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) rules on small business size that went into effect on June 30th. As reported in Law.com, to ensure that a certain percentage of federal […]


I came across a sad, but perhaps not surprising, post about how female lawyers are “dropping off the path to partnership.”  In my own experience (before starting my own partnership), I saw very few (if any) women either become partners by dint of their hard work, or stay around long enough to be considered at that […]


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Often because, in short, they don’€™t ask for it. I was chatting with Bunmi Zalob, publisher of WomenEntrepreneur.com’€™s Secret to Serenity blog, about “€œplaying small.” And why women seem to do it. The sad truth is that studies show that women do it to themselves over and over. A recent study showed that female entrepreneurs are far […]


From “across the Pond” (as some like to refer to the Atlantic Ocean) in Dublin, Ireland, comes a new blogging/podcasting alliance, known as The Podcast Sisters.  Their goal is to inspire and guide women in Europe on using the Internet to advance their personal and professional goals.  “[While] there may be more opportunities in North […]