How to Have Fun with Business Systems [PODCAST]

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

I’m sure you’re thinking there no way on God’s green earth that building business systems = fun. That you’d rather have root canal than sped time considering efficiencies in your business.  Well, get ready to have your perceptions shattered!

Paradoxically, the act of creating business systems IS a creative act, and there are ways to enjoy the process.  I spoke to Kate Gardner, who teaches entrepreneurs and professionals how to unleash their innate creativity so they can work less and achieve more. A businesswoman and artist, she has spent decades running small businesses, as well as training people from all walks of life to imagine and implement innovative projects.

Listen is as we discuss:

  1. How does the way we define creativity hamper entrepreneurs?
  2. In praise of bean-counters: how can developing business systems be a creative act?
  3. How well do entrepreneurs integrate their right-brain and left-brain skills and talents?
  4. What are 2 top strategies for increasing business effectiveness?
  5. Reinvention” always sounds like a major overhaul. Does it have to be?

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Anything else you would have liked us to have covered? We can always do a follow-up call!

UPDATE: In their Wall Street Journal article, “Think Inside the Box,” authors Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenberg posit that people are at their most creative when they have definite boundaries to a challenge, rather than a free-wheeling approach to word-play or blank white boards. Do you agree?

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