Are You Charging a PITA Tax?

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Do you find your patience wearing thin with certain clients?

You try to be understanding—particularly in the time of COVID.

You try to be kind.

You want to be of service.

But difficult clients …? They deserve to get slapped with a PITA Tax.

What’s a PITA Tax … and when it is appropriate for solo and small firm owners? Because YOU need to earn what you deserve.

I give a few examples in this short video:

They include:

  1. Unreasonable turnaround times
  2. Frequent scope of work changes
  3. Demanding extra hand-holding

If you’re going to impose a PITA Tax, make sure you let clients know up front. It’s an important part of setting expectations with clients so there’s no misunderstanding when the tax comes due … and no delay when time comes to pay your bill.

For that — and more tips on getting paid – download a copy of my free report, How to Send Invoices Your Clients Pay Faster.

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