Eager to start a business? Check. Excited about your great product or service? Check. Thrilled about dealing with the legal issues you’ll face? No way.

“Ignorance is bliss”…until you find yourself up to your ears in trouble as a result. It always helps to stay current on what can help, hurt, and hamstring your business.

That’s why there’s Lex Appeal – the FREE weekly e-zine that demystifies law and legal issues for business owners, so that you can protect your company, make smart decisions, and save money. Each week, you’ll get tips and tools on which questions to ask, how to work (cost-)effectively with your advisors, and what legal, and business issues and strategies can save “solopreneurs” and small businesses thousands of dollars. This subscription is valued at $249 per year.


Kat Eaton


I always look forward to your newsletters — they’re so informative and almost sometimes act like a horoscope — within days of receiving the newsletter inevitably some issue comes up that had just been discussed! It’s an incredible tool for small businesses.

You’ll read about topics like:

  • Common mistakes that entrepreneurs make with their business agreements and how to avoid them.
  • Questions to ask when taking on business partners.
  • The latest trends in lawsuits against employers and how to prevent them.
  • How to turn deadbeats into paying clients.
  • Overlooked issues that should be covered in business ownership agreements.
  • Raising business capital from family and friends and ways to keep those relationships intact.
  • The perils and penalties of cybersquatting.
  • How passive investors can change your company’s dynamic and culture.
  • . . . and much, much more!

Not having your legal “ducks in a row” is one of the most significant causes of business failure…and serious personal problems, too! Why let that happen to you? Learn to spot those legal foxes that could ruin your personal henhouse with our special report, Top 10 Legal Pitfalls – yours FREE, just for subscribing to Lex Appeal.

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