Growing Your Business with Contractors

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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Do you want your business to be manageable or scalable? That’s the question I address on today’s podcast. Sometimes we want to control absolutely everything about our business and then a few weeks later we’re wondering why we’re exhausted and not expanding like we should. That’s because you can never grow if you focus only on your ability to manage everything.

Today’s guest – Jane Freedman, Esq. – is a business attorney and angel investor who uses a business model for her firm that lets her let go, and turn work over to a scalable network of service providers and contractors she can hire on a project-by-project basis. Her challenge: “Why do it small when you can do it big?”  Do you accept?

Smart Tips to Using Contractors to Grow Your Business

  • Reaching the decision point of do I keep this manageable? Or do I want more?
  • Why contractors instead of employees
  • What questions business owners should ask in exploring these kinds of arrangements
  • The process for calculating fees so that you could ensure a healthy profit margin
  • The infrastructure additions needed

Jane Freedman is the founder and principal of Jane Freedman Law, LLC, a full service business law firm in Boston that helps companies navigate legal matters so they can make intelligent (and profitable) business decisions while reducing their risk.  She is an angel investor, whose blogs have been published by the Boston Globe, and is a frequent speaker and conference panelist. Voted a SuperLawyer for 2015, Jane serves on several non-profit boards addressing domestic violence and cancer patients.

Jane attended Wellesley College (cum laude 1990). She is fluent in French and enjoys running, biking, hiking, traveling and spending time with her family.

Words of Wisdom

“Confidence, competence, connection, sincerity and passion.” – Jane Freedman, Esq. (favorite mantra)

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