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Isn’t it time you stopped being a slave to your business?

Nearly 79% of all small businesses (including 88% of all women-owned businesses) don’t have employees. And even more still depend on their owners to function day-to-day. This creates real obstacles if you ultimately want to sell your company or attract investors.

If you have dreams for something bigger—a robust business that lets you maximize your opportunities and enjoy greater freedom — you need legal counsel that’s more than an occasional order taker. You want trusted advisors who understand the strategic importance of leverage from both a legal and business perspective. You deserve to transform your small business into an asset for wealth—beyond providing a decent salary—to recoup the time, money, and effort you put in.

Let us show you how. Discover the benefits of our Trusted Legal Advisor and other programs we offer. Make your amazing entrepreneurial vision a reality. Isn’t it time?


How to choose a business partner who won’t [BLEEP] you!

Taking on a business partner is not a decision to be made lightly. It’s much like getting married. So take your time. Remember, a healthy partnership is a living, breathing entity. It’s perfectly natural for your answers to many of the questions here to shift and vary over time. With the tools provided to you in The Entrepreneur’s Prenup you will always have the partnership guidance you need, regardless of where you are in your partnership process.


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