How to Lead a Business That Sells

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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To move a business forward takes leadership. Yet there’s a lot of lip service paid to “leadership.” What does it really mean? What’s involved? And how can you do it successfully, so that others become leaders in their own right?

In this episode, award-winning author and leadership expert Libby Gill breaks down the main leadership archetypes (pros and cons), and shares how to build the team to get the most out of everyone’s “style.”

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  • Identify your leadership archetype and hire to fill your weaknesses. Are you a director? An implementer? A thrill-seeking visionary? An analyst? Each type has their strengths … and Achilles heels. Any style can lead as long it speaks true to you as a person.
  • Play to strengths. Help your team see where their unique qualities align with your corporate strategy and how they can help the business reach those goals. Regular check-ins with your team, such as weekly meetings, and one-on-one mentoring go far.
  • Repeat yourself. In these circumstances, repetition = reinforcement. Share your knowledge, experiences, and vision with the team. Ask for input. Leave space for open communication flow because people talk, listen, and communicate in different ways.
  • Get out of the rut and stay active in your field. With today’s pace of business, you need to be nimble. Make plans and anticipate 6-12 out by keeping in touch with your clients and your team. And be ready to be flexible a time if circumstances change.

Libby Gill gave great tips on how to clarify your vision, ask for feedback, and bring in the right people so you can meet your big goals. Make sue you block out time to listen to Cash Out BIG!


Libby Gill is the former head of communications and public relations for Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting. She was also the “branding brain” behind the launch of the Dr. Phil Show.

Libby is now CEO of LA-based Libby Gill & Company, a coaching and consulting firm.  She guides entrepreneurs and executives at organizations including Cisco, Disney, Ernst & Young, GoDaddy, Warner Bros., Wells Fargo, and many more to inspire purpose and ignite performance.

Author of four books including the award-winning “You Unstuck” and “Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow,” Libby has shared her success strategies on CNN, NPR, the Today Show, and in BusinessWeek, Time, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and many more.


Spread hope. ~ Libby Gill.


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