Legal Hokum on a Holiday Weekend

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

As a lawyer, I love what I do. I’m proud of how I do it.

And sometimes, I hear about members of my profession who just make me want to spit. On them.

From the Annals of the Preposterous, here’s a story which, if true (I have not personally verified the pleadings) is an appalling addition to the “lawyers are [expletive]” files. I can’t imagine what would possess a judge to bring such a lawsuit against a dry cleaner. Nor can I explain why, after two years, this wasn’t laughed out of court long ago. Nor can I possibly fathom how a pair of pants (and the ensuing distress at losing them) could be worth $65 million, consumer protection laws notwithstanding. (That must be some tailor!).

So this is a plea. As Grace Kanoy reported, The American Association for Justice has taken action on this case. But remember: you hear these stories precisely because they happen relatively seldom. That’s why it’s called “news”. This is one meshugge apple among hundreds of thousands of decent, hard-working, caring people involved in the legal and justice systems. And on behalf of the legal profession, I’m sorry.  🙁

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