Flat Fee Attorney Pricing

Entrepreneurship is often filled with nasty surprises.  Small business legal fees shouldn’t be among them. This is especially true if you are eligible to become part of my Trusted Advisor Program.

Small businesses in New York City have to do more with less.  A flat fee attorney can help you set your legal fees so that your budget stretches further.  The NYC business lawyer that you’ll want to work with will have a variety of flat fee legal services options, along with hourly rate billing.  The meter doesn’t always have to be “ON” when flat fee attorneys work on your issues.

How Flat Fee Attorneys Can Help

Many small businesses don’t know the questions to ask when it comes to legal fees.  That’s why Kaufman Law PLLC developed flat fee attorney pricing for NYC entrepreneurs in areas such as:

If you’re a member of our Trusted Legal Advisor Program, you’ll get steep discounts on our flat fee pricing for many types of small business transactions.

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