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Intellectual property covers the legal protection and exclusive rights accorded to ideas, information, technology, processes or other intangibles. Examples of intellectual property include copyrights (for creative and artistic works), patents (for new inventions) and trademarks (a symbol or phrase that distinguishes a company and its products/services).

Internet law includes the issues concerning doing business online (e-commerce), blogging, social media, as well as possible intellectual property abuses that take place on the Internet.

Both are practices that requires an expertise in ownership issues, business transactions and litigation.

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Why Intellectual Property is important

Few aspects of a business have greater value than intellectual property. Its impact can be felt directly in several areas of the company, including ownership structure, operating procedures and potential income.

Businesses that fail to protect their intellectual property face the risk of losing revenue that is rightfully theirs. And often the only way to recover this lost income is through a prolonged and costly lawsuit that few small businesses can afford.

However, intellectual property rights can be transferred or licensed to third parties for financial or other considerations, providing businesses an additional (and often very lucrative) source of income.

A Cautionary Client Tale

How we helped a client enhance her income potential by protecting the intellectual property she had developed over a five-year period.

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How Kaufman Law PLLC can help

We understand the importance of protecting intellectual property, having created our own information products and written numerous articles. We work closely with our clients to protect and maximize the value of their intellectual property by registering, licensing and properly structuring their business transactions and contracts.

Kaufman Law PLLC provides sound legal advice and assistance for a wide range of intellectual property matters, including:

  • Protection of trademarks, service marks and copyrights
  • Drafting/negotiating licensing agreements
  • Blogging for business
  • Social media
  • Electronic transactions and e-commerce
  • Licenses
  • Website text

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A Cautionary Client Tale

An educator had been consulting with a nationally-known organization for people with learning disabilities, using materials she had developed over the previous five years from her work with difficult learners. However, she did not have a written agreement with the organization, nor had she filed to protect the copyrightable materials and trademarks she had created.

As her program gained in popularity, she wanted to safeguard her right to use these materials with other populations. In addition, she was concerned that the organization, with its name recognition and large budget, would claim ownership of her intellectual property. That’s when she came to us for help.

We helped the client document her precise contributions to establish that her program was created independently of the organization and had an applicability well beyond the scope of the organization’s mission. As a result, we worked out an arrangement that left ownership and development firmly in our client’s hands. We then took steps to properly register the intellectual property in our client’s name, enhancing her ability to earn income by rolling our her program to other populations.

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