Mindset Myths that Paralyze Entrepreneurs

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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Susan Hayward understands full well how leaders get in their own way, add unnecessary stress, and cause resistance and barriers to their success and happiness. In this interview, we talk about how you can reframe your mindset—and define who you are and what you want—so you can live your most inspired, connected and influential life as you scale your business.

Mindset Myths that Paralyze Entrepreneurs

  • The mindset myths that are obstacles to your success
  • Why “I can do it myself!” works for 2-year-olds, but not for business leaders … and the paradox of solitary thinking for women
  • Tips to break the cycle of overwhelm
  • How to turn being “challenged” into a growth experience, instead of raw criticism
  • Being busy vs. being productive
  • Ways to identify your “zone of genius” so that you play to your strengths

Susan Hayward is the President of Living the Leading Edge, where she works with leaders including business owners, CEOs, board members and directors of multimillion dollar companies, world class athletes, award winning photojournalists, and actors (to name a few) to increase performance, profitability and relationships.

Words of Wisdom

  • “There is nothing insignificant in the world. It all depends on the point of view.” ~ Goethe

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