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Keep ‘em Awake!: Putting Your Best Foot Forward in All Situations

Most attorneys are trained to dispense copious amounts of data, but not to interpret or present it so that the recipient gets the maximum benefit from it. Public speaking impacts all facets of a lawyer’s career, such as the ability to generate business, work with clients, be effective as an attorney-advocate, climb the partnership track, and develop into a person of influence. You’ll learn:

  • The obstacles that attorneys face in speaking and presenting both to lay and lawyer audiences
  • Ways in which the failure to be a dynamic speaker impedes career growth (with humorous story-examples)
  • Five easy steps to developing a charismatic speaking style
  • How effective public speaking helps lawyers realize their full professional (and personal) potential – and become a catalyst for generating revenue

Let it Rain: Top Tips to Boost Your Business

You can be the most brilliant attorney in town, but if no one’s knocking on your door, you have a problem. This program looks at proven methods used with attorneys and entrepreneurs in successful online business development. You will learn key points you can immediately put into practice including:

  • How to be seen in the right places by the right people
  • Why online tactics can shave years off your learning curve while fueling your business growth
  • How lawyers can benefit from using social media as a marketing vehicle
  • Legal challenges that blogs present
  • How to market yourself online without getting ensnared in attorney ethics rules

How to Train Your Clients to Pay You

Yes, it is possible to get out of the collection business and stop diverting your time and energy chasing overdue bills. Clients respond to consistency. For the most part, they want clear “rules of the road” and this program will show you just what they are. Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • The 7 categories of clients to avoid
  • How to be clear about what services or products you provide to your clients
  • What to do when clients want to negotiate pricing, terms or other expectations
  • What to do when it’s time to take action with delinquents

Other Topics Available:

  • “How Attorneys Can Harness the P.O.W.E.R. of Networking”
  • “Top Comedy Tips for Confident Presentations”
  • “Creating Powerful Corporate/Legal Teams with a ‘Code of Success’”
  • “Negotiating Skills: Are You Striking the Best Deal?”
  • “Your Business Blueprint: How to Start and Build Your Law Practice with a Guerilla Mindset for Success”

Nina can tailor all speeches for keynote, fullday, half-day, and workshop settings.

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