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Enterprise Plan Establishment Plan A la Carte Pricing
This Is For You If … This Is For You If …
You prefer a shorter time commitment, while still enjoying the benefits of a trusted legal advisor You are ready to dive into systemic growth and be rewarded for your 12 month commitment
Examples of the value and services provided with each plan (although not all services may be used/needed) What’s In It For Me? What’s In It For Me?
“Fit Business Situation Analysis” / Business Health Evaluation $800-1,600
“Rapid Response” Email and Phone Access for Urgent Issues $6,000-11,900
“Concierge Service”: Intros to Network of Small Business Service Providers as Needed $1,600-3,300
“Fit Business Blueprint” / Dashboard of Goals for the Year $800-1,700
Regular Check-ins/Strategy Calls $3,100-6,000
Business Formation $800-1,700
DBA Filings $300-700
Corporate (LLC) Organization/Meeting Minutes $300-700
Loan Agreements With Promissory Notes $500-1,100
Corporate By-laws/Single Member LLC Agreement $1,600-3,300
Website Copyright Registration w/Library of Congress $300-700
Lawyers’ Letters for Disputes, Ownership Confirmation, etc $3,200-6,800
Custom Independent Contractor/Freelancer Agreements $1,600-3,300
Custom Client Agreements $2,600-5,400
Custom Sales Rep Agreements $2,300-4,700
Trademark/Service Mark Searches and Filings $1,300-2,700
Copyright Registration Applications $500-1,100
Standard Website Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policies $1,600-3,400
Employee Hiring Letters $600-1,400
Basic Contract Review (7 Pages or Less) $3,200-6,400
Lease and Complex Contract Review (7+ Pages) $4,000-8,000
Shareholders’/Operating (Partnership) Agreements $5,000-9,900
Employee Manuals $3,200-6,800
Communications Policies (Offline, Online, Social Media) $2,600-5,400
Complex (e.g., e-Commerce) Website Terms/Policies $5,000-9,900
Strategic Alliance Agreements $5,000-10,000
Debt Collection Policies and Procedures $3,200-6,800
Subscription Agreement for “Family & Friend” Investors $1,300-2,700
Convertible Note for “Family & Friend” Investors $1,600-3,400
Overseeing Matters/Interface with Other Professionals (Other Attorneys, Accountants, etc., to Ensure High Quality) $3,200-6,800
Plan Commitment $750/month $750/month
Plan Duration (renewable) 6 months 12 months
Relationship courtesy discount on legal services 20% 33%
Plans exclude out-of-pocket expenses, filing fees, and litigation. Please see our engagement letter for terms.
✓ = Included in monthly value-based plan.
♦ = Services entitled to 20-33% discounts on legal fees, depending on plan
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