One thing the VP Debates teach us about serving clients

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Regardless of which candidate you think did a better job, which one’s policies you think make more sense, or which one you intend to vote for …

… (because frankly, that’s YOUR business, and not the point here)

… they had one really important lesson to teach #solobiz and #smallbiz owners:

They were clear about what they stood for.

Just like you need to be clear with your clients on where you take a stand. How you plan to work with them if they elect/select you as their provider.

When you are clear about

  • the services you offer
  • your ideal client
  • your process for serving them
  • the results they can expect, and
  • the fees you charge …

… clients are happy. (And don’t morph into a PITA).

When you don’t deliver what you promised, don’t have a way to get on track, you’re all over the place with your invoicing – clients are upset.

That’s why I keep coming back to business systems in these videos.

Making sure you can repeat good, useful, and profitable actions in your business … so you can earn what you deserve!

One easy step is to be consistent in your invoicing.

For great tips on that, grab your free copy of my report, How to Send Invoices Clients Pay Faster.

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