Watch Your Language!

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

When you go to a networking event and someone asks, “What do you do?” what do you say? Do you answer with an “I” statement, like “I handle pest control for high-end hotels” … or “I help business owners build an effective workforce” … of “I [fill in the blank]”?

Even if you use “We _______” or “My company does ____________,” what are you thinking? What mental picture comes to mind? A lone figure (you!) in a dingy room dwarfed by mountains of paperwork?

If your verbal and mental language points to a solitary existence (yours!) with all road leading to you and all problems heading your way, it’s time for a change. Time to get a bigger vision for your company and how it serves your market.

TIP: Become a two-year-old again. Ask “why”. Why does your company exist? Why does it care about the products/services it offers? Why should anyone care?

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