Business Law Basics: Contract Essentials

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Today, I feel vindicated. I just came across Laura Bell’s post, “Business Law Basics,” which reminds me of my apartment after it’s cleaned: neat, fresh and pleasant. Her point, delivered gently, is that too many entrepreneurs do deals without having a written contract. It’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight: You may be prepared for trouble, but not well enough to avoid serious injury.

Bell outlines the elements of a contract(important, if you want to understand when the deal is actually “struck”) and why a cancellation clause is helpful.

Exit strategies (the “how-do-I-get-out-of-this-deal-if-it’s-really-not-working-for-me?” language) are a vital part of any business relationship; otherwise, you risk being stuck in a bad situation with no easy (or inexpensive) way out.

Want a quick an easy way to learn more? Check out my booklet guide, terms and conditions, so you’ll know the highlights of what to put in your agreements.

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