How You Get the Most from a Distributed Workforce

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Listen to the Episode Below: A team that works like a well-oiled machine is a key element to doubling the value of your business. But how do you keep a tight rein with today’s distributed workforce? And do “tight reins” work with more Millennials entering the landscape? On this week’s episode, Sophie Wade, a Future of Work authority, points out the old ways of “being boss” that no longer work, and how to bring in fresh thinking around frameworks and systems to maintain a cohesive team. How You Get the Most from a Distributed Workforce… Give work assignments meaning and context. Today’s workforce (Millennials especially) want their labors to mean more than just hours on a timesheet. Share your company’s long-term goals and impact. You’re more likely to get a more receptive team and higher quality work when you let people work on their own schedules. Not everyone produces at their best from 9 to 5. Take advantage of communication tools like Slack and Trello to keep up with your team. Managing a flexible workforce is easier when…

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What do open invoices say about your business?

What do open invoices say about your business? Brian Tracy once said, All business is people business. That’s because businesses are built on relationships—whether you build those relationships online or offline. But when your clients…

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Revealing General Tips about Working with General Contractors

“Sallie” was nervous, but excited. She had found the perfect space for her growing PR firm – near the center of town in an area that wasn’t yet high-end (so the rent was still affordable),…

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Get Sustainable Revenue with Strategic Partnerships

Listen to the Episode Below: Few things generate leads and maximize growth better than strategic partnerships. But finding great partners takes more than a single coffee date. It also means you need to take a close…

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