Know the Fine Points of Fine Print

Know the Fine Points of Fine Print

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Not knowing what the fine print on your contract says could take a costly bite out of your business. Yes, I know you’re a busy business owner. Yes, contracts can be tedious. And, yes, I know that sometimes the font used on these documents requires an electron microscope to read it properly. But as a business person, the law assumes that you’ve read the contracts you’ve signed and understood their terms–even if you didn’t. That’s why you’ll want to know and understand the “fine print” of an agreement–whether you’ve created the agreement or you’ve received an agreement someone else created (where you may not have the leverage to change it). If your payment terms and deliverables are the “steak and potatoes,” the fine print is the “veg.” Maybe not as hearty or robust as the meat, but it can have a profound effect on the whole plate. Signing a contract without reading the fine print is like coming to the dinner table blindfolded: You could be served your least favorite vegetable, you’ll have no opportunity to…

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Nina Kaufman

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