The Financial Systems That Help You Scale

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Listen to the Episode Below:  Your business numbers can seem like a foreign language. Sure, they’re speaking to you—all the time!—but do you understand what they’re saying? How can you learn to communicate with this essential part of your business? In this episode, CFO and financial educator Jonathan Ankney shares simple steps to create the numbers-related systems any service business will want. He’ll also clue you in on the top financial questions business owners don’t ask—and should. The Financial Systems That Help You Scale… Treat your financials like a learning foreign language. Grasp a new concept–or number–each day and resolve to use it. Financial understanding is made, not born, so it’s absolutely possible to achieve this vital skill. Look at your financial reports regularly. Don’t leave this to your bookkeeper or your accountant. Ask them to show you what all of the numbers mean and how they pertain to your business.  Define what information from your financial reports you need to help you make good financial decisions. Examples include how many customers you have, the average…

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The Importance of Similar Goals

It surprises me how many business owners have knee-jerk reactions about choosing a business partner, instead of thinking long and hard about who would really be the right fit for them (then again, how many…

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How Turnover Gets in the Way of Scaling

Listen to the Episode Below:  So you’ve finally decided you can’t do everything yourself. It’s time to grow. You put time and effort into recruiting the right people. Then –WHAM!–they up and leave. And you’re…

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Communicating Beyond Your Partnership Agreement

Years ago, my business partner and I started our firm together with the happiest and best of intentions: visions of profits, freedom from the tyranny of others’ corporate cultures, and fun in an often dour…

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Nina Kaufman

Flying solo doesn’t have to mean going it alone.

I’m Nina Kaufman.

I know first-hand that running a knowledge-based service business has unique challenges. It’s so much easier when you have an advocate in your corner. Over the past 25 years, I’ve worked with thousands of New York business professionals who want a legal advisor to guide and support them as they navigate the business world.

With wide-ranging experience as a business attorney, strategist, and media authority, I bring the added power of a business lens to the legal issues my clients are facing.

And because I’ve been a business owner myself, I’ve lived through the soaring highs and devastating lows – like when my first law firm failed. So I understand what’s involved to serve great clients, detect business risks early and build a true legacy.

I can’t get those 12 years back. That’s why I have made it my mission to ensure that business professionals like you can become wise and discerning leaders, build a solid business, and live your best life.