Can the “Sharing Economy” Help You Scale?

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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Tired of finding workers who pick up and leave after a year? Worried about hiring in unstable economic conditions? What if your workforce could expand flexibly so your business can scale when ready?

In this episode, we talk to Steve Pruneau, founder of Free Agent Source, a management consulting company made up of independent professionals. He shares his top tips for how you can use the “Sharing Economy” to save money and scale your business at the same time.

Can the “Sharing Economy” Help You Scale?… cob092_steve-pruneau_headshot

  • Get out of the old-school “full-time or nothing” paradigm for your workforce. Why not use part-time hourly (if not salaried) workers? Rethink what it means for someone to be aligned with your company. There’s plenty of talent looking for a more flexible arrangement.
  • Maintain a professional network of talented individuals in your industry, even if they’re not involved with your company right now. These are great resources you might need for future projects.
  • Set expectations with the talent at the start of a project. Clear communication will empower your team and create lasting working relationships. Carve out dedicated time to touch base.
  • Create professional standards and practices that keeps you in control of the way your business is run. Effective methodologies can streamline the management of a flexible team.
  • Set up non-disclosure agreements where necessary to safeguard your intellectual property. Protecting your client relationships and operational procedures are integral to the value of your business.

Steve has capitalized on the Sharing Economy and mastered the art of building a flexible and talented team. If you would like to take advantage of the Sharing Economy to scale your own business, make sure you take the time to listen to Cash Out Big!


Steve Pruneau leads executives and business owners to the future of work by solving the squeeze between economic uncertainty and fixed cost of permanent full-time employees.  His open, direct approach will take you right to the front of what is happening at the intersection of jobs, work and our economy. His career experience includes roles as consultant, solution architect, and agile program manager with expertise in workforce management, employee engagement, HR, payroll, accounting, software development and enterprise app integration. He holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and is a founder of Free Agent Source Inc.  Steve lives in Los Angeles.

Favorite Quote:  

Build a permanent network of professional talent and re-engage as needed to get extraordinary advantage over competitors who keep their entire team on the payroll all the time.” ~ Steve Pruneau

Learn more about Steve Pruneau:

Twitter: @StevePruneau


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