Thinking of going “location-independent”?

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

The COVID-19 lockdown has forced lots of business owners to think differently about how their business operates.

Because this may not be the last time there’s a lockdown, and no one wants to be taken by surprise like that again.

A curious theme I’m hearing from some client recently is that while the quarantine was originally a MAJOR inconvenience, they’re now seeing a new opportunity they hadn’t anticipated.

The opportunity to go location independent.

And with that, an opportunity to re-evaluate what they want to get out of their business. The kind of life they want to lead going forward. Some even have a twinkle in their eye as they think about living and working from anywhere. What would that be like to have the freedom to roam?

Well, it takes some planning. In this short video, I share the top three questions I usually ask my solo firm and small business clients:

They include:

  1. CAN you work remotely … or does your business require a specific physical location?
  2. What tech infrastructure will you need for payments and communications?
  3. What are you still doing by hand?

Start by looking at the mail that gets delivered to your home or office. These are the very things that can fall through the cracks – and come back to bite you — if you don’t work out an automated or digital way to receive and pay them.

This is something I take business owners through in my Chaos-Proof Your Business program.

In just 15 minutes a day, it helps you inventory how your business runs, so you can run it from anywhere … OR so it can run without you if you need to step away.

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