How to Find the Right Accountant

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

There’s no use trying to find an accountant on April 14th and hoping that your issues will miraculously be resolved by tax deadline time. Like hiring other professionals and vendors for your business, you want to take your time to select them carefully. And you want to have them in place before you have an immediate need (read: crisis).

So how can you go about finding one and what should you ask? As Gray Rollins points out in his article, “How to Choose the Right Accountant,” there are certain things you want to look for:

  • Find someone local. Tax laws vary from state to state and you want someone who’s up to date on your issues.
  • Ask people you trust. Sure, you could go to the Yellow Pages, or find an online ratings system. But if you ask people you know (like other entrepreneurs), you can better gauge whether a particular accountant is a fit for you.
  • Get their qualifications. You’ll want to work with an accountant who understands your issues. Those who specialize in tax preparation for W-2 employees may not know all of the benefits in the Tax Code that are available to business owners. Similarly, accountants whose client base focuses on machine manufacturers might not have the same level of familiarity with the best tax structures for knowledge workers.


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