How to Speed-Read a Non-Disclosure Agreement

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) have many uses. You may have a fabulous idea and want to protect it as you share it with potential investors. Or you may be on the receiving end of one, as this article, “How to Speed Read an NDA,” anticipates.  Written by my colleague, IP attorney Terence Church, Esq., the article gives you a brief rundown of the top six issues you’ll want to see in any NDA you sign.

Of course, this leaves aside the issue of whether you really should be doing business with someone who shoves an NDA under your nose 2 minutes before you’re about to begin a meeting with him or her and expects you to sign it without the benefit of discussing it with your legal counsel. If he or she won’t give you the time to review it carefully (assuming you’re an entrepreneur who takes her contract obligations seriously), you may want to take your business elsewhere. If you’re in a line–or at a stage–of business where NDAs are common, speak to your attorney to get guidance in advance about how best to handle these kinds of situations if they arise.

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