Interview with Elisa Balabram: Ask Others/Trust Yourself

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Women-owned businesses generate approximately $2.8 trillion dollars a year, according to a recent study done by the Center for Women’s Business Research.  In gross amounts, that’s no chump change (I could do a LOT with $2.8 trillion.).  However, the study also seems to indicate that only 4.2 percent of all revenue is generated by women-owned businesses . . . which isn’t as impressive a figure.  One theory: Women-owned businesses tend to stay small.

All the more reason that they should ask for help, so that they can develop a strong foundation for growth. Listen in to my interview of Elisa Balabram, author of the recently released Ask Others/Trust Yourself.  Elisa talks about the importance of listening to your own passions and intuition, getting over the shame/discomfort of asking for help, and prioritizing the goals that you’re prepared to take action on.

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