Interview with Kat Gordon: The Art of Getting Paid

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

As Kat Gordon, founder of the mom-centered marketing agency Maternal Instinct knows well, moms influence 85 percent of their household purchases.  There’s an art (and a science) to marketing to mothers.  Being a business owner, she also learned the hard way that there’s an art (and a science) to getting paid by your clients.

Listen in to my interview of Kat where we talk about:

  1. How a friendship and a rush job combined to create a volatile non-payment cocktail
  2. Smart business advice from . . . a 6-year-old!
  3. Why a recent audit led her to change her information storage methods
  4. What she wishes she had done earlier for her business

For more info about marketing to moms the right way, you can follow Kat on Twitter @katgordon and visit Maternal Journal, her agency’s blog.

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