How you can shift from lead-doer to leader in your business

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.
All Systems Go

“I only want to focus on 3 things,” says Caryn. “But who will do the rest?”

Burned out, tired, and constantly pulled away from her family, Caryn Kopp reached her limit. Her company, Kopp Consulting, helps clients get new clients.  Get meetings with high-level corporate decision-makers. So successful, she was continually being squeezed. Because she did it so well. But how could she teach what she knew intuitively—her sales messaging skills—to others?

Drawing that line in the sand got her thinking. About evolving into being a leader of her company, not just the lead “doer” of her company.

When would now be the time for you to start thinking that way, too?

Listen in as Caryn shares:

  • When she knew it was time to bring on other staff
  • How she sorted through the hiring dilemma of “pay less and train more” or “pay more and train less”
  • The “Moment of Yes”—how she got to the heart of her sales messaging process, and found a way to scale it
  • What choices she’s making to systematically get more off her plate, and enable her company to become even more independent of her
  • Why Kopp Consulting’s work in getting small businesses a seat at the table is a game-changer for entrepreneurs

What lines in the sand will you draw? Post your comments below.

About Caryn Kopp:
Caryn is the Chief Door Opener® at Kopp Consulting whose Door Opener® Service has helped thousands of business owners and sales people secure initial meetings with high level decision makers in almost every major Fortune 500 company including P&G, Pfizer, GE, Merck, Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Kraft, Target, CBS and many more. She has been dubbed the Chief Door Opener® because and her team get their clients “in the door” with their prospects—and accelerate sales success.

Caryn is a nationally recognized speaker and an expert in Business Development. She has been interviewed on the Wall Street Journal Morning Radio Show and published in India’s The Economic Times Newspaper. She is also the author of The Path to The Cash!® The Words You NEED To Bypass Those Darned Prospect Objections. Caryn is an MBA graduate from NYU’s Stern School of Business, majoring in Marketing. She earned her undergraduate degree from Babson College where she double majored in Marketing and Communications. For more information, visit

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