Legal Lessons for Women Business Owners – Part 3

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Owning a successful business takes lots of different knowledge and know-how to get it running smoothly—which includes avoiding risks.  Yet many entrepreneurs forge full steam ahead without professional legal advice … for a variety of reasons. Cost. Fear. Ego, to name a few.

But without it, seemingly small missteps like “oops, my independent contractor should have been classified as an employee” or “really? I needed to collect sales taxes?” can turn into huge problems down the road. What might have been an innocent mistake can cost you 10x as much to undo, than to have done it right the first time.

What are the most common mistakes?  Tune in to these episodes of SAP’s Game Changers Radio, where I join panelists Nance L. Schick, Esq and Renee L. Duff, Esq. to dive into some of the legal issues that can face women business owners. Listen and learn about:

  • The “myth of the superwoman”, where you are wasting your time and where an advisory team comes in
  • What questions to ask when creating an agreement to be – literally and figuratively – on the same page
  • The three government organizations that define independent contractors/interns and what you must look out for
  • How to create strategic alliances that generate meaningful income, not just noise and busy-work

Listen to the podcasts to learn the strategies that women (and men!) can use to avoid legal blunders and bloopers.

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