Making Time to Breathe . . . and Celebrate

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

From north of the border (Canada) comes some really great advice to help get you jazzed for the upcoming holidays: Find things to celebrate!

Yes, you may already be looking back on 2009 as a real stinker, but I’m sure you can find some high points, too. Here are some of the morale-boosting tips that Tana Woodward has to share:

  1. Create a “victory log” of all the contacts you’ve made, clients you’ve scored, hard decisions you’ve faced and recognition you’ve received (whatever the source)–and keep it on an ongoing basis.
  2. Join a success team or mastermind group.
  3. Get clients’ feedback on the work you’ve done for them.
  4. Keep an “I’m great” folder of e-mails, and read all the positive comments about you.
  5. Get out of the office and network with a buddy. The fresh air–and fresh perspective–will do wonders!

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