My Best Friend’s My Business Partner

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

It gives me the heebie-jeebies when I hear, “I went into business with So-and-Such because he/she is my best friend and really gets me.”  Not that it can’t work out, or that I’m trying to give them the evil eye.  But I’ve seen all too often how the desire for camaraderie and support quickly turns into a “why-don’t-you-rubber-stamp-everything-I-want-to-do” proposition . . . which leads to discord and “divorce”.

Reports have it that rapper Young Jeezy “Jay Jenkins” ousted his longtime manager, Coach K, to give that spot to his business partner from another venture.  The business partner, Kinky B (can I make up these names?), just launched a new management company.

“I’m already his partner [and] me and Jeezy have been together for the last 15 some years, so who better to manage him then (sic) his best friend?” revealed Kinky B.

It’s a good question.  The longevity in business together as partners is encouraging; the friendship part alone is not.  Who wants to lay odds in Vegas as to whether they have a written partnership agreement?

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