How Are You Welcoming Your New Clients?

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

What is it that makes clients feel welcome … and want to go back to you?

It involves more than just handing out coffee mugs with your logo on it.

It’s about a welcoming experience.

(Like the one I had with Gina Le at Gina Le Salon)

In this short video, I give #solobiz and #smallbiz owners 3 tips for creating a first experience that will make your clients want to return to you for more.

Are you making them feel cared for by:

  1. Having an intake process that explores their goals
  2. Educating them so they make better decisions
  3. Checking in with them periodically

I invite you to look at your Client Welcome Process.

And if you’d like 1-2-1 guidance on why your clients might not be coming back as often as you’d like, let’s set up a call. Visit

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