Police and Paramedics in Partnership

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Police and paramedics . . . riding together.  The cadence reminded me of Bill Murray’s line from Ghostbusters–” . . . dogs and cats living together . . .”–but we’re not facing a disaster of Biblical proportions.  Rather, it seems to be a smart alliance to conserve resources.

As reported in This is Local London, paramedics will ride with police officers on the weekends to patrol incidents that include fights and car crashes.  By having the paramedics readily available, injuries can be assessed more quickly, and the police can be left to handle any criminal aspects of the investigation. That way, ambulances can be reserved for those who may really need it, instead of being called out to each and every incident.

It remains to be seen whether the program is successful, but it raises good food for thought: are there any partners you can collaborate with–even on a limited basis–that could help you do your work more efficiently and save costs?

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