How to Scale Your Marketing to Leverage Time and Effort

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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Getting a steady stream of prospects to know, like, and trust you can be a challenge. There’s accuracy—does your messaging speak your clients’ language? There’s consistency—are you perceived as having staying power? And there’s frequency—do people see your company often enough to stay top of mind?

On this episode, digital marketing guru Maisha Walker (and owner of the Message Medium digital agency), shares her insights on how to scale your marketing efforts for maximum results.


How to Scale Your Marketing to Leverage Time and Effort… cob093_maishawalker

  • Choose an audience that’s specific. If you don’t know exactly who you want to reach, you can’t craft the message that speaks to their needs and interests. Instead, hone in on a well-defined audience so you can attract and convert the type of client most likely spend money on your services. 
  • Research where your target audience is likely spending time online. Don’t default to advertising or Facebook “just because.” It makes no sense if your clients aren’t there.
  • Work on your branding. If your website or social media pages look unprofessional, you won’t know how many potential clients you’ve lost … even if you’re not getting negative comments. 
  • Get feedback. You’re often too close to be objective about your clients, your message, and what makes your company stand out. A digital marketing strategist can help you cut through the noise and not waste money on channels and efforts that won’t get you ROI.

Maisha Walker has great insights on how to maximize your marketing results and develop a scalable plan without wasting time or money. If you want to avoid doing your digital marketing WRONG, be sure to carve out time to listen to Cash Out BIG!

Maisha Walker is President of Message Medium, a digital marketing agency that helps successful brands harness the power of digital marketing to achieve aggressive growth. She has been creating digital marketing campaigns and building Web sites for more than 20 years after a career in finance and direct marketing. She started programming at the early age of 9. Maisha recently completed a 5-city tour on SEO with Microsoft Bing and is a featured online columnist with Inc. Magazine where she created and grew it to the highest trafficked blog on in less than 1 year. She’s been quoted by Business Week, Guy Kawasaki, Rieva Lesonsky (the former editor of Entrepreneur magazine), the American Marketing Association and even Perez Hilton. She has toured the country educating business owners about digital marketing with companies like Microsoft Bing, JP Morgan Chase, Capital One, been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, on Fox News and NBC news and worked for clients including Mars Chocolate, Columbia University, Unilever, Carver Bank the owners of Yellow Tail wines, NBA player Kyle Lowry, Save the Children, and the founders of Absolut Vodka.

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“Set me a task in which I can put something of my very self, and it is a task no longer; it is joy; it is art.“ ~ Bliss Carman

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