How Your Service Business Can Leverage IP for Growth [PODCAST]

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Tired of the time-for-dollars model in your service business? Fed up with feast-or-famine in your cash flow? Eager to discover alternative ways to have greater impact and income?

Listen in as we interview Sarah Farzam, the Founder and Director of Bilingual Birdies, a foreign language and live music program for young children in New York City.  Sarah began Bilingual Birdies to encourage cross-cultural awareness by fostering a love for language and culture–a reflection of her multi-cultural upbringing (Mexican mother, Iranian father and Jewish religion!).

Sarah launched Bilingual Birdies in 2008 with one location, one person (Sarah), and three children (two of whom were her nieces).  Today, a mere 5 years later, Bilingual Birdies has over 50 preschool partnerships and educates 2,000 children
per week, with a staff of 23 talented bilingual musicians.  The company also has exciting growth opportunities under development, including licensing Bilingual Birdies to childcare agencies in the US and abroad, and creating an online teacher training program.

We’ll cover:

  • The though process evolution from “just me providing one-on-one services” to a staff of 23 delivering group sessions
  • The “pivot” in her business by signing regular “gigs” with schools
  • How listening to (and acting on) client suggestions opened opportunities to create products
  • How the ability to leverage intellectual property supports the company’s bigger vision (and the life Sarah wants to lead)

As you’ll hear, Sarah has used several different leverage techniques to build her business. Which ones might work for yours? Post a comment below and let us know what you think!

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