The Sneeze That Shook a Small Business

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Imagine: you’ve just purchased a new home with your beloved, and are planning to wed in a matter of months. He’s considerate–wanting you to sleep through the night, though he suffers from back pain and has to get up periodically. You’ve developed a robust small business consulting practice. Your sweetie, new to entrepreneurship (having parted ways with Corporate America), has some good clients under his belt.

It’s a promising start.

In a flash, all that changes. Because of a sneeze. Or rather, the lack of one.

The doctor turns to you and says, “If we don’t operate within the hour, he’ll be paralyzed for life.”

Surgery ensues. Hubby loses his clients within a week. Faces a two-year recovery period.

Would your business survive? Would you … if you were on your own?

Join me as I talk to Dina Eisenberg, JD, who faced this very situation. Listen in as we talk about:

  • Dina’s journey from lawyer to entrepreneur, and the “patchwork quilt” of talents she developed along the way that position her perfectly for what she’s doing
  • The top 3 areas–as she learned from her training business–where women business owners don’t speak up for themselves as powerfully as they might
  • How a sneeze changed Dina’s whole perspective on how to structure her business
  • How she’s using the expertise “on her hard drive and in her hard head” to launch her new business
  • What’s Dina’s doing to scale up her business … in case her husband sneezes again. 🙂

Don’t miss the negotiation resources Dina mentions–plus 20% off her concierge InfoProductDoctor services if you use the special link she provides in the interview!

Listen to Interview

About Dina Eisenberg, JD
Dina Eisenberg, JD, Strategist and Mentor, helps midlife entrepreneurs build profitable passive income streams by becoming a test client who evaluates and improves the value of their information products. Learn how to transform your years of knowledge & expertise into undeniable customer experirences and bankable assets at

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