Raymond Frier

Constantinople & Vallone Consulting LLC

There are few in public speaking that have the intangible “stage presence” that elevates the excellent public speaker to the level of superb public speaker. Nina Kaufman has this magic. Having evaluated public speakers, as a toastmaster and featured speaker at numerous business and political events for over 35 years, I find few who can make complicated issues simple and fun to follow. Fast paced, spiced with humor, and always a learning experience, it’s a privilege to hear a Nina Kaufman presentation.

Jerry Wolf, CIMA®, Senior Vice President

Investments Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. New York

Kaufman has the ability to connect; she is animated, has the skill to hold the audience’s attention and is clear in her message delivery. I like her style.

Roger Aguinaldo, Publisher

The M&A Advisor

Engaging, smart, funny, and extremely professional, Nina Kaufman is a gifted speaker. I would highly recommend her to any business group needing to hear her message.

Karol Ward, LCSW

Author of “Find Your Inner Voice: Using Instinct and Intuition through the Body-Mind Connection”

“I was very impressed with the information Nina presented. She was clear, polished and professional in her delivery. She gave concrete suggestions that I was able to apply in my business. Nina is easy to listen to and has a great sense of humor-a plus for any speaker.

Mike Landrum

Executive Speakers Coach, Speechwriter, Speaker

Nina Kaufman is an excellent speaker who delivers high impact messages with entertaining wit, useful take-aways and an original point of view.

Don Nelson

D Nelson Consulting

Nina Kaufman is one of the most effective speakers I’ve seen over the past 10 years. She brings valuable information in an exciting, entertaining way that captures and keeps an audience’s attention. As a member of the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International I’ve seen very few people who can bring the whole package to the podium the way Nina can. I’d hire her in a NY minute.

Benjamin Wolff, Hofstra University


One would be hard pressed to find a speaker and expert with even some of the qualities that Nina Kaufman brings to her all of her presentations — a razor-sharp intellect, a unique comedic gift, a generous spirit, and the insight to know just what creative entrepreneurs are looking for.

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