On being spontaneous … with Polar Bears

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

“It’s 46 degrees!” Joe squeals, on hearing the weather report. (To the extent that a grown man and former champion power lifter would actually squeal). “Let’s go to the beach!” “Why?” I ask, maybe a little condescendingly. “The Polar Bears are there!” he replies.

randy-a-christmas-story-snowsuitSigh. The beach? Okay, so it’s a little warm for early February. A brief hint of Spring sandwiched between two snowstorms so vast they have their own names. (Maximus and Nika, just FYI).

We go. I dress for winter. Slouchy hat, heavy sweater over thermal underwear, thick scarf, overcoat, and hiking boots. (I look like Randy from A Christmas Story). When we reach Long Beach, Long Island, I see this isn’t a small band of nut jobs, these Polar Bears. They are in the thousands. Stretched before us on the beach like a noisy penguin colony during mating season. And not just for ocean antics. For the 14th annual Super Bowl Sunday dip to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They’re excited to run into the freezing Atlantic Ocean. (Thus, the name: Long Beach Polar Bears). Crazy enough to plunge into frigid water to make sure a child with a life-threatening illness could get her “bucket list” wish. Like a bedroom make-over.

What a day! The pride of the swimmers who braved icy water in bikinis and swim trunks. The fierce cheering of supporters. The brave stories about so-sick children whose last–and only–trip to Disney World brought them great joy. The eternal flow of the ocean.

Yes, it’s a good day. But what made it great? Spontaneity. Joe and I just decided to pick up and go.

When was the last time you decided to “pick up and go”? On a weekday?

Tough to do, isn’t it, when each day is focused on the fear and the fight to get, serve, and keep clients. Wouldn’t it be great to give that a rest?

There is a way. Have you considered:

  • A regular retainer for consistent services
  • A maintenance contract for recurring revenue
  • A subscription for updates or information access

All of these provide stability for your income. They require a shift in the way you think about your services. A change to your relationship with your clients. And certainly, you’ll want a new contract. 🙂 No question, there are risks when you stop doing things in the same old way.

2 unbroken shells Long Beach, NY. Feb 2014

2 unbroken shells
Long Beach, NY. Feb 2014

But isn’t your freedom—your ability to pick up and go … and enjoy life’s little delights—worth it? Let me know what little delights you want more of in your life.  Post your wishes below.