Strategic Alliance Baby Steps

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Christian Fea’s article, “First Steps to Forming a Strategic Alliance,” contains some solid advice:  select someone who isn’t a direct competitor, determine your target market, find providers of compatible products and services.

But he seems to gloss over an important question:  “what is their income range?”

Especially in tight times, income is an extremely important factor in choosing an alliance partner.  Income affects the amount of money available for additional services.  It also influences the alliance partners who will make sense for you.  If you’re a graphic design shop looking to partner with a web designer, and your clients’ average annual revenue is less than $100,000, choosing a web designer who’s used to putting together sites with a 6-figure price tag (Joani Reisen and Erica Rubach spent over $500,000 on their networking site), chances are it won’t be a match.

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