Strategic Alliance Success Story — Here’s the Actual Story

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Yes, I know blog posts can be short — as short as a single link to another site — but that wasn’t my intent with my last post on “A Strategic Alliance Success Story.”  [Don’t get me started about technical glitches and how I’ve been missing my own posting deadlines!]

As you can see from the article about Marian Banker and Ramon Ray’s Small Business Summit, held in NYC in February, they have managed to have a wonderful collaboration for the past several years.  Partly, it seems, because they have been laser-focused on the purpose of the collaboration (building an annual conference) . . . AND they and bring different skills to the mix.  Plus, when you see then together at the Summit, they’re having a ball!

So strategic alliances needn’t be all gloom and doom — nor do they need to be all-consuming.  But you do need to choose wisely, as Marian and Ramon did.  Read the article on Marian’s site to find out more!