The Importance of Similar Goals

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

It surprises me how many business owners have knee-jerk reactions about choosing a business partner, instead of thinking long and hard about who would really be the right fit for them (then again, how many of us really do that in our personal lives . . . but that issue is beyond the scope of this blog).

So it was encouraging to come across a recent story in the Chicago Defender about two entrepreneurs who really did give the issue its “due consideration.”  As Demetrius Patterson reported:

“It’s so critical that partners have very similar goals as to why you’re getting into it,” [Dawn] Batts told the Defender Wednesday. “I know some people who get into their own business seem to think it gives them the right not to work, or not to work so hard. A business partnership, it’s like a marriage. Both side have to be willing to put the work in and have the same goals in order to ensure that the business is going to be a success. I found that Domineca [Neal] and I have the same attitude about business.”

Having similar goal is only one factor — of many — that create a successful partnership.  What has — or hasn’t — worked for yours?

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