The Mastermind Principle: A Solid Partnership Foundation

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Business partnering relationships come in many forms and develop in many ways.  One of them is through what’s know as the “Mastermind Principle:  two or more people working together in complete harmony toward a mutual goal or goals. It’s a principle that underlies many of the networking groups we join, and certainly one that should form the philosophical basis of all business partnerships.

Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic, Think and Grow Rich, was one of the first books to give a name to the Mastermind Principle.  First published in 1937, it’s an extraordinary story of achievement in itself.  Hill, a young journalist from a dirt-poor area of West Virginia, managed to meet steel magnate Andrew Carnegie who wondered, “can success be taught?” Can its philosophy be codified?  He gave Hill the challenge of a lifetime:  he would open extraordinary doors for Hill, providing letters of introduction to some of the most powerful, wealthy, and creative men (yes, just men, then) in the country, but Carnegie wouldn’t pay him a dime.  Through those connections alone (Hill had none, and barely $10 to his name), Hill went on to an extraordinarily successful lifetime career as author, speaker, and innovator, whose works have influenced thousands upon thousands of lives in the ensuing 70 years.

Whether your partnership is formal, with a company and a legal structure, or more informal, such as lending your expertise behind the scenes, is your working relationship agreeable?  Do you share mutual goals? If not, you may find that staying put will keep you stuck, and the doors of opportunity remain closed.

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