The Perfect Agreement?

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

When entrepreneurs start their businesses, they have a number of “Holy Grails” in mind. One of them is being able to do business on a handshake (yikes!). Another is finding the perfect 1-page written agreement for use with their clients and vendors. Double yikes. And where does that “perfect agreement” reside?Somewhere on the Internet, of course. Double yikes and an oy gevalt!

See Nina Yablok’s post, “The Perfect Contract? I think not” (besides, how can I argue with a namesake?). To extrapolate on Nina’s point, one size does not fit all when it comes to small business contracts. You and your best friend may both have started Internet businesses, but what you sell may differ.Your payment terms may differ. Your target market may differ. Your marketing approach may differ. Your legal terms and the laws of your states may differ. And they may differ from a major corporation’s online business.

So when your running your business, always make sure that your own attorney looks at it from your unique perspective. After all, your business is unlike anyone else’s! Doesn’t it deserve a little special treatment?