How Turnover Gets in the Way of Scaling

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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So you’ve finally decided you can’t do everything yourself. It’s time to grow. You put time and effort into recruiting the right people. Then –WHAM!–they up and leave. And you’re back to Square 1. So how on Earth is your business supposed to scale?

In this episode, human resources expert (and former business owner) Sal Gervasi shares his insights into options for keeping top talent and how you can fix the systemic leaks that drain them away.

How Turnover Gets in the Way of Scaling…cob083_sal-gervasi-photo

  • Learn what motivates your employees as individuals. They aren’t always motivated by money. Talk to them to find out what’s important to each of them and where their values lie.
  • Employee engagement can mean the difference between profit and “just-getting-by.” Recent statistics indicate that up to 72% of the workforce is either apathetic (54%) or “disengaged”/looking to sabotage you (18%). Look into training and career path development to help employees see the big picture your company offers. 
  • Consider using a professional employer organization (PEO). They can help you implement solid systems for handling payroll, keeping your company in compliance, and improving team building. They can also help you clean up any “skeletons in the closet” so that you have a clean slate.
  • “Employees leave managers–they don’t leave jobs,” says Sal. Great news–that’s avoidable!  So make sure your managers are not your weakest link. Check in with them regularly and be open to employee feedback about their performance.


Sal knows what it takes to keep employees happy and motivated enough to stay with a company and help the business reach its goals. If you’d like to avoid having a high turnover rate so you can achieve success, take time each week to listen to Cash Out BIG!


Sal Gervasi is an accomplished business leader who has helped small businesses succeed for over 25 years. A CPA and the former owner of two businesses, he is currently the District Manager of the leading office for Insperity, which provides an array of Human Resource and business solutions designed to help improve business performance. In his role with Insperity, Sal works with Business Performance Advisors on his staff to advise small to medium sized businesses on how to contain operating costs, reduce employment-related liabilities, and recommend performance enhancement solutions to develop and retain staff. Sal has completed the coursework from the Bauer College of Business of the University of Houston to be acknowledged as a Certified Business Performance Advisor (CBPA). He has been listed in the Long Island Business News “People to Watch in Human Resources”.

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“Make It Happen!” ~ Sal Gervasi

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